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At carpet cleaning Maidstone the cleaning method we use for carpet cleaning Maidstone is primarily the "Hot Water Extraction" cleaning method, also known as Steam cleaning. This process is recommended by all the leading carpet manufactures and suppliers as the most thorough and the best method for deep cleaning Carpet fabrics.

This system is the only true way to give your carpets a deep fresh clean, that will remove not just the dirt and grime in your carpets, but also any germs and bacteria that may have found their way into the fibres, remember that the longer you leave having your carpets cleaned, the more damage this will do to the carpet fibres.

carpet cleaning Maidstone

We ALWAYS include the best techniques, with maximum effort in order to get your furnishings in the absolute best possible condition.

Deodoriser - for the efficient removal of odours ideal for pets/urine/smoke/vomit/cooking etc.

Stain guard - to help protect against spills and stains and helps keep your fabric cleaner for longer.

Insecticide - kills and deters many types of insects such as dust mights/fleas/bed bugs/beetles etc.

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